Are You Prepared for The Smog Season?


By now, we’re well versed with the fact that in order to stay protected, necessary precautions are needed to be taken, because COVID-19 is here to stay for quite some time.

However, winter is approaching and the going might get tougher!

2020 is nearing its end and we’re all hoping that difficult times end too but the last phase of this year might get worse especially for those residing in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

What Creates Smog?

The word smog is formed by the words smoke and fog that refers to smoky fog due to its opacity, and odor. As people’s lives have started getting back on track, along with increased use of transportation; the pollution levels have also risen. Therefore, increased pollution paired with winter’s fog is resulting in formation of ‘smog’.

In the coming weeks, air pollution is expected to hit a choking peak in New Delhi; more so due to the dangerous paddy burning season approaching. Every year India’s farmers burn the stubble of the harvested rice crops, contributing to an annual haze that damages the health of those in and around the capital of our country. Usually, the north western winds hit Delhi between mid and late October and the smoke tends to linger in the colder months, turning the surrounding grey. 

High Alert: Air Pollution in Delhi and Mumbai amid COVID-19

Delhi recorded the worst air quality level in November 2020 as well as a sharp spike in the number of Covid-19 cases. A typical winter in Delhi involves toxic air quality levels, people suffering with itchy throats, dry coughing, and burning eyes. Also, the impact of fireworks, candles and diyas during Diwali, makes it a poisonous mix full of black carbon nanoparticles, and metals. Similarly, the city of Mumbai is also affected as a smog layer was seen covering the Mumbai skyline in November 2020. Poor air quality was recorded with BKC (Bandra-Kurla Complex) being the most polluted area in the city, followed by Malad.

Make Your Way Through The Smog Season amidst COVID-19

Any mask you buy from now on should be reusable and washable in order to protect yourself from pollution and viral infection, in the coming months. 

Therefore, it is imperative for all of us, as responsible citizens of the country to wear masks which are both anti pollution and anti viral. Considering this situation, a breathable and comfortable mask which can be worn for long hours would be an ideal mask.

The Veeva Mask by The One Mask is the one you can depend upon as it has all the necessary features to keep you protected:

  • Antiviral treated fabric for protection.
  • >99% Bacterial FIltration Efficiency.
  • Highly breathable and comfortable for all day use.
  • 100% polyester shell with sweat control properties.
  • Anti dust and anti pollution.
  • Reusable upto 30 washes.
  • Moldable nose pin for perfect and maximum coverage from nose to chin.

 Moreover, you have 20 designs to choose from for your Veeva Mask! No more marks or irritation by tight ear loops, as Veeva has soft velvet elastic bands with the option of ear loop and long loop to choose as per your preference.

Wearing a mask in India, (and especially if you are living in a metropolitan city) is no longer an option, but a necessity. Click here to buy the best antiviral masks and anti-pollution masks for yourself and your family to stay protected even in the last two months of 2020.

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