All our hopes of a fantastic new decade, of the roaring 20s, were broken down and pushed away when the coronavirus pandemic hit the center stage. People were left vulnerable and scared due to the sudden absence of any means of safety.

With everyone scurrying to arm themselves against it by buying face masks, the country is facing a massive shortage of them. The fact that the masks available are heavily priced is making them inaccessible for the common man. Even the people working at the front line are making do with simple handkerchiefs which, needless to say, aren't the best protection against the virus.

To offer a helping hand we decided to shift from merchandising to manufacturing face masks. We had two goals, to make masks affordable while retaining protection similar to the N95 masks and to make them reusable to reduce the environmental impact of a large number of disposed of masks.

With weeks of research, multiple designs and prototypes, and endless trials, we finally had a product in our hands that we were proud of. The masks we made ticked all the correct boxes – They were reusable, they provided a BFE greater than 99% (certificate), and most importantly, they would cost just 1/25th the cost of an N95 mask.

Keeping in line with our mission to help people protect themselves, we decided to donate masks to those in need. For every pair we sell, we have pledged to donate one mask. Thus introducing, ‘The One Mask Project’. Our project’s goal is to donate 1 crore masks in the coming months. And we need your help for that.

We have started the production and have shipped a couple of batches of masks already. The overwhelmingly positive feedback for the product was outstanding and it confirmed the fact that we are on the right path.

 This is where you come in! You can help us extend this goodwill, either by buying a pair of masks for yourselves and allowing us to donate a mask or by just donating the masks. We urge you to take this step to help save our fellow citizens. Join us and help us fight this pandemic by doing your part